well, 52 now.

I’ve been keeping a film diary since 2012 after a conversation with a friend. It’s a nice thing to look back on. While reminding yourself what you’ve watched it also can remind you of the memory surrounding the viewing.. where you lived, who you watched it with and where, what you were doing that day. There are movies on that list that have life changing moments connected to that day or even the viewing itself.

It’s the start of March and here are the 52 films I’ve watched in 2020 so far:


  1. Transamerica
  2. Jessica Forever
  3. Little Women
  4. River of Grass
  5. The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari
  6. Taste of Cherry
  7. The Wind Will Carry Us
  8. Une Femme est une Femme
  9. Two_Lane Blacktop
  10. Uncut Gems
  11. Three Colors: White
  12. The Blonde One
  13. The Wandering Soap Opera
  14. The Return
  15. Leviathan
  16. Three Colors: Red
  17. Le Petit Soldat
  18. Le Harve
  19. Holy Motors
  20. A Lesson in Love
  21. The Incredible Shrinking Man
  22. Melancholia
  23. The Personal Life of David Copperfield
  24. Corpo Celeste
  25. The Sugarland Express
  26. The Pleasure of Being Robbed
  27. The Last Battle
  28. The Cow
  29. Alphaville
  30. Pierrot Le Fou
  31. Miss Americana
  32. The Lighthouse
  33. Parasite
  34. Suzaki Paradise: Red Light District
  35. Smiles of a Summer Night
  36. The Staggering Girl
  37. Made in U.S.A
  38. Death Becomes Her
  39. The Devil’s Eye
  40. Maggie
  41. Baden Baden
  42. Little Joe
  43. The Rocky Road to Equal Marriage: How Did We Get Here?
  44. Mute Fire
  45. To the Ends of the World
  46. First Name: Carmen
  47. Missing
  48. A Family Submerged
  49. Mother
  50. Détective
  51. Winter Light
  52. True History of the Kelly Family

(the films in bold are new releases this year)

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