Nowhere is an immersive music performance that dissects the lyrical narrative of song and explores how interactive technology can extend and enhance vocal expression through the role of the body and improvised movement. Inspired by the cut-up techniques of William S. Burroughs, a singer’s voice and their lyrics are sampled, cut-up and placed within an interactive system, designed for the singer to perform through movement. Song emerges from the exploration of the relationships between the embodied voice, the disembodied voice and movement, underpinned by piano to enhance the musicality and affective resonance of the piece.

This first video is a short excerpt filmed using a GoPro Fusion camera at the Sonic Lab (Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast). It is edited from a 360 video documenting the performance. It depicts the improvisation of my embodied voice, the piano and my disembodied voice controlled by arm movements using 2 MYO armbands and 2 WAVE rings.

Movement of the body controlled the disembodied voice, and the lighting which formed the central stage which the audience sat around.

Below is a video of the full premiere performance at the Sonic Arts Research Centre (16 minutes).

The premiere performance of Nowhere took place on 17th December 2019.