Those Pale Winter Eyes is a vocal interaction created for my PhD research which utilises the voice in order to reveal and affect recorded vocal harmonies.

Focusing on how the voice can be engaged in the act of listening, the piece invited you to sing into a microphone, revealing pre-recorded vocals through a speaker. As you sing, you will hear how these vocals react to your voice by altering your pitch and volume.

This video shows an excerpt from its exhibition at Framewerk Gallery, Belfast on Saturday 24th June 2017 and Sunday 25th June 2017.

There was a performance on the Saturday night by three members of Belfast’s HIVE choir, who used experimental singing techniques to reveal and engage with the installation, creating an improvised choir performance piece which layered the live and recorded voice.

One of the choir members happened to have her violin and decided to try out the interaction with it instead of her voice and became a highlight of the evening.

Here is a video documenting HIVE Choir’s performance scores on the interaction: